For those who desire Christian counseling, I offer counseling that integrates spiritual issues and works within your understanding of faith and Scripture. Our spiritual and emotional well-being are intricately woven together and a holistic approach offers the greatest opportunity for true healing and freedom.

Through incorporating evidence-based therapeutic practices and Biblical truth, we will work together to create a practical understanding of who God created you to be and how you can more fully live into that identity.

christian counseling

The truth of Scripture points to the value of cognitive behavioral approaches. The thoughts we think deeply impact our emotions and actions.

As a Christian counselor, all my work is based on the redemptive work of Christ that is available to all people. He is the one who transforms lives, and true hope and healing are found through Him. I provide Christian counseling because the compassion and grace of Jesus continues to heal my own brokenness. While our faith backgrounds might differ in practice, I am committed to supporting your unique relationship with Christ. 

You can truly be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

through christian counseling and God's grace,

As a pastor’s kid, former church staff member, and wife of a church staffer, I have unique insight into the challenges and joys of vocational ministry. I specialize in providing counseling services tailored to the needs of individuals in church leadership positions and their families. My passion lies in supporting former and current church staff members’ emotional and spiritual health, as well as assisting individuals who are healing from negative church experiences or navigating the process of deconstructing their faith without losing it. 

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